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The ultimate goal of life is happiness.

Intercare (Intercare Health Promotion Center) is a comprehensive health screening center that strives for prevention and early detection of diseases. We have a vision of realizing a happy dream of living healthy with precious people.

Since its opening in 2008, it has grown remarkably with the love and interest of its customers. With cutting-edge equipment as well as smart devices, we have created an environment that facilitates more comfortable, accurate and quick examination. We also have an infrastructure and system to maintain the healthcare database of our customers.

Now, the way to repay your love is to share the secret of keeping health and to share happiness together.


Special Intercare Exam
  • Customer convenience center

    A medical examination is carried out in a comfortable and wide space with a single floor. Also, It is located in a space that considers customer convenience such as the endoscopic center and the ultrasonic center.In particular, the endoscopic center observes the customer with the central monitoring system, so it brings on safty for the endoscopic examination.

  • Differentiated Exam items

    Sleep polysomnography, MRE (MR elastography) for liver cirrhosis, Evaluation of aging, Salt intake and metabolic syndrome, Etc. It is possible to select differential Exam items of Intercare only.

  • The First Class Interclub

    This is a VIP-customer area where the medical staff visits the room for checkups directly. And you can receive a 1: 1 care service from a dedicated nurse for a comfortable examination.

Confidence Intercare Exam
State of the art medical equipment
Smart Intercare Exam

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Address : Hanshin Intervally building 5F, 322, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea (1 minute walk from Exit 4 of Seolleung Station using Line No. 2 and Bundang Line)

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Consultation on examinations : Phone 82-2-2006-9111 / Kakao talk ID : intercare

Phone : 82-2-1588-1018

Fax : 82-2- 2183- 2011